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All mode 100W KV/50/70MHz tcvr

Cena s DPH 28 990,00 CZK

Cena bez DPH23 958,68 CZK

Nový model všepásmového transceiveru .

Kompaktní transceiver, jehož design vychází z technologie SDR modelů FT-DX 101 a FT-DX10

pásma 160m - 10m + 6m + 4m
vestavěný ant. tuner
výkon regulovatelný od 5 do 100W
preset mode pro FT8

pásma 160m - 10m + 6m + 4m
vestavěný ant. tuner
výkon regulovatelný od 5 do 100W
preset mode pro FT8

balení obsahuje:

Mikrofon SSM-75E

DC napájecí kabel s pojistkami

reproduktor SP40

Operating Manual


záruka 3 roky


HF/50MHz band 100W Compact SDR Transceiver

- SDR circuit configuration emphasizes Receiving Performance which is enabled by the same high-resolution A/D
converter and FPGA used in
YAESU high-end SDR transceivers.

- Powerful RF Front-End and Low Noise Oscillator System enable Phenomenal Multi-Signal Receiving Characteristics*

·RMDR:113dB+ ·BDR:127dB+

·3rd IMDR:102dB+ ·TX Phase Noise: -143dBc/Hz

*Multi-Signal Receiving Characteristic: 14MHz band/2kHz separation *TX Phase Noise: 100W, CW mode

- Band-Pass-Filters dedicated for the amateur bands to eliminate out-of-band unwanted signals

- Built-in High-speed Automatic antenna tuner with 100 channel memory

- Effective QRM rejection afforded by Dual-core 32-bit high speed floating decimal point DSP

- AESS (Acoustic Enhanced Speaker System) with the supplied SP-40 speaker to create High-fidelity audio output

- High Resolution 4.3-inch TFT Color Touch Panel Display

- 3DSS, real-time 3-Dimensional Spectrum Stream presentation

- VMI (VFO Mode Indictor) shows the current operating mode (VFO-A, VFO-B, Memory Mode and Clarifier/Split
operation) at a glance

- “PRESET” Mode functions most suitable for FT8 operation

- Equipped with the External Display terminal (DVI-D)

- Two (2) USB Ports (Type-A and Type-B)

- SD Memory Card Slot

- Support the FC-40 Auto Antenna Tuner

- Remote Operation with Network Remote Control System (Available in the near future)

Supplied Accessories:

External Speaker SP-40

Microphone SSM-75E

DC Power Cable w/Fuse Spare Fuse

Operating Manual


Frequency Ranges: RX 30kHz - 75MHz (Operating)

1.8MHz - 29.699999MHz (Specified performance, Amateur bands only)

50MHz - 53.999999MHz (Specified performance, Amateur bands only)

70MHz - 70.499999MHz (Specified performance, UK Amateur bands only)

TX 1.8MHz band - 50MHz band (Amateur bands only)

Modulation Type: A1A(CW), A3E(AM), J3E(LSB,USB), F3E(FM)

Frequency Stability: ±0.5ppm (after 1 minute @ +32°F to +122°F / 0°C to +50°C)

Supply Voltage: DC 13.8V ±15%

RF Power Output: 5W - 100W (5W - 25W : AM Carrier)

Dimensions (W x H x D): 9.4" x 3.1" 9.7" (239 x 80 x 247mm)

Weight (Approx.): 9.92 lbs (4.5kg)