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YAESU FT-5DE dual band digitální TCVR

YAESU FT-5DE dual band  digitální TCVR
dual band C4FM + FM / Wires-X

Cena s DPH 11 780,00 CZK

Cena bez DPH9 735,54 CZK

Dual band ručka + digitál
nezávislý provoz na 2m + 70cm díky dvěma samostatnýmRX, provoz v různých kombinacích V+U, U+V, V+V atd
Rovněž lze používat kombinaci provozu C4FM a FM.
AMS-automatické přepínání režimů.

širokopásmový RX 0.5-999 MHz AM, FM, WFM
C4FM + FM / Wires-X
GPS + Bluetooth + IPX7 protection
TX výkon 5 W, nastavitelný ve 4 úrovních od minima 0,3 W.

Barevný dotykový displej

Vestavěný přijímač GPS s až 66 přijímacími kanály umožňující APRS nebo i výměnu dat o poloze
prostřednictvím C4FM.


True dual band operation 2m + 70cm
Wide reception range 0.5-999 MHz
C4FM + FM / Wires-X
GPS + Bluetooth + IPX7 protection
Colour touch screen

Technical Description FT-5DE
The FT-5D is a true dual-bander: two separate receivers for 2m and 70cm! This allows operation in any combination
such as V+U, U+V, V+V etc. You can also use mixed C4FM and traditional FM on both VFOs, so you are always
prepared for anything. Of course, the FT-5DE can also use the well-known AMS - Automatic Mode Switching.
The receiver works broadband in AM, FM and WFM, the frequency range is from 500 kHz to 999 MHz.
The transmitter is limited to the amateur radio bands (without modification). The maximum transmit power is 5 W,
reducible in 4 steps to 0.3 W.

As usual for Yaesu C4FM radios, the FT-5 is equipped with a GPS receiver with up to 66 receive channels.
This allows the popular APRS, but also the exchange of position data via C4FM digital voice operation.

The touch-sensitive colour display is used for convenient input, making display and configuration of all parameters
so much easier. The robust housing is IPX7 protected and with its rubberised corners can withstand even a small
drop. As with the predecessor, a Bluetooth module is built in, which enables operation with a headset also via VOX.
A slot for a microSD memory card is available for the many memories and as a backup for the settings.

The FT-5DE is your constant companion when it comes to amateur radio. As a true dual-bander, this handheld radio
allows you to monitor two frequencies simultaneously - no matter on which band: V+U/U+V, V+V, U+U - anything goes. In addition, you can listen to digital voice (C4FM) or traditional FM at the same time. And the automatic detection and switching of modulation (AMS) helps in unexpected cases.

The FT-5DE's wide reception range is very practical: whether medium wave or short wave or FM broadcasting,
from 500 kHz to 999 MHz, all possibilities in AM, FM and WFM are available. So you can listen to the latest
news even when you're on the move. The transmitter offers a full 5 Watt of transmitting power to reach even
distant stations, but you can also reduce the transmitting power to save electricity. Speaking of power: the SBR-14LI
rechargeable battery is supplied with a capacity of 2200 mAh, which is enough for a whole day's hiking.

Operation is greatly simplified by the touch display, so settings in the menu can also be made quickly.
A new function from Yaesu is the so-called Touch & Go. Here, several frequencies are stored in a primary
memory group (PMG), which can be accessed super fast with a dedicated key. When this key is pressed,
the activity on all these frequencies is displayed in a bar chart, one touch of the bar and you have set this
frequency. Very practical.

The built-in satellite receiver uses navigation satellite systems such as GPS (Navstar), Beidou, Glonass and
Galileo. So you are always well informed about your own position. This information can then be transmitted via
APRS or C4FM. The Bluetooth function connects to an optional headset or hands-free kit for maximum
convenience on the move. The bandscope shows the activity on up to 79 channels around the currently
set frequency, so you can quickly orientate yourself and find contact even in an unknown region.