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Xiegu G-106

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Xiegu G-106
portable SDR TCVR HF+6m - SLEVA

Cena s DPH 7 991,00 CZK

Cena bez DPH6 604,13 CZK

KV/6m „ultra-portable“ all-mode SDR krátkovlnný transceiver

Rozsah RX 0,55 - 30 MHz + WFM (88-108MHz)
TX amatérská pásma 80,60,40,30,20,17,15,12,10m

výkon 5W

obvodové řešení používá 16bit-CODEC vzorkování a poskytuje vynikající parametry.
SSB/CW/AM + příjem WFM (88-108MHz)


G106 is a 5W portable QRP model with SDR

circuit structure which uses 16bit-CODEC
sampling and can deliver superior
performance. The whole machine has
SSB/CW/AM three modes and extra WFM
(88~108MHz) receiving function

The G106 is based on an SDR architecture with 16bit sampling to deliver superior performance.

It has a digital CW filter with three bandwidths to help you fight interference and get more clear reception of weak signals.

With the optional external DE-19 digital adapter, it can be connected to a PC for working digital modes including FT8.

As an entry-level portable SDR transceiver, G106 will be the perfect HF transceiver to start explore the bands with SSB, CW and exciting digital modes like FT8.

Basic features:

High-performance SDR core circuit
Compact and robust structure
Transmission and receiving of all amateur frequency bands within 3.8~29.7MHz
WFM broadcast receiving
Shortwave full-range continuous receiving
Amateur data communication available
Computer online control available
Please read the Operator Manual carefully for a better experience and full understanding on operation of the G106.

Specifications :

Receiving frequency: 0.55~30MHz 88~108MHz (WFM)
Transmitting frequency: 3.5~3.9MHz 10.1~10.15MHz 18.068~18.168MHz 24.89~24.99MHz 7.0~7.2MHz 14.0~14.35MHz 21.0~21.45MHz 28.0~29.7MHz
Operating mode: SSB/CW/AM , WFM (receive only)
Receiving sensitivity: CW: 0.25uV @10dB S/N SSB: 0.5uV @10dB S/N AM: 10uV @10dB S/N
Frequency stability: ±1.5ppm within 30min after power on @25°C: 1ppm/hour
Transmitting power: ?5W @13.8V DC
Transmitting spurious suppression: ?50dB
Audio output power: 0.3W
Operating voltage: 9~15V DC
Standby current: 0.37A @Max
Transmitting current: 2.8A @Max
Dimensions: 120*40*135 (mm)
Weight: About 720g (only host)
Xiegu G106 In the Box :

G106 radio unit
12 Volt DC power cord
English manual
Xiegu Service Card
Full list of accessories to be updated later.
See Peter Waters in depth review of the G106 Transceiver on You Tube HERE

DE-19 digital adapter (coming soon)
Chameleon Portable Antennas
ANjo end fed dipole antennas
ModMic boom microphone & Xiegu adapter bundle