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Spiderbeam Balun 1:1

Spiderbeam Balun 1:1
Spiderbeam Balun 2kW

Cena s DPH 2 591,00 CZK

Cena bez DPH2 141,32 CZK

Spiderbeam Balun 1:1
3,5 - 28 MHz
stejný balun jako je dodáván se všemi směrovkami Spiderbeam

přenesený výkon do 2kW pro SWR pod 1:3
do 1kW pro SWR nad 1:3

Spiderbeam Balun 1:1 (fully assembled)
high quality W1JR type coax choke
1:1 ratio, 2000W balun for 3.5 - 28 MHz

This is exactly the same balun as used in our Spiderbeam Yagi antennas: a W1JR type coax choke with an extremely good balancing properties on 10 - 28 MHz and quite good balancing properties on 3.5 - 7 MHz. It is very well suited as a good allround balun for all antennas on this frequency range. Only high quality parts are used (Fair-Rite ferrite toroid, Teflon coax cable, rugged UV resistant plastic housing).
Note: all parts for one such balun are already included in all of our Spiderbeam Yagi antenna kits.

We are offering it here as a quality standalone product for any other antenna you may build.

Maximum power:
For antennas with an SWR < 1:3 - up to 2000W
For antennas with an SWR > 1:3 - up to 1000W