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Microbit Remoterig RC-1216H-1 remote control

Microbit Remoterig RC-1216H-1 remote control
komplet set pro ovl. přes internet

Cena s DPH 7 740,00 CZK

Cena bez DPH6 396,69 CZK

ovládací jednotka pro dálkové ovládání/spínání přes internet.
5 reléových výstupů. Ham verze má speciální funkce pro ovládání ACOM2000A/SteppIR/Rotatorů, vzdálený serial port server atd.
Jednotku lze ovládat z internetového prohlížeče, ale existují také aplikace pro Android, IOS a Windows Phone.

WebSwitch 1216H remote controlled switch with 5 relay outputs. The Ham version have special functions for
Rotator control, 4-squares, Antenna switching, remote serial port server etc.

The Switch can be controlled from any web browser, there are also APP.s available for IOS, Android, and Windows phone.
RC-1216H Remote control for ACOM2000A/SteppIR/Rotator


-USB cable,
-Power cable

The RC-1216H is developed especially for remote control of Amateur radio accessories like Antennas, Power Amplifiers and rotators via the Internet in a user-friendly
and cost-effective way. Lot of radio accessories are designed to be controlled from a PC via a serial port (RS-232). Serial ports are not very convenient to transfer over
the Internet. The RC-1216H acts as PC against the connected equipment at the same time as it shows a more user friendly web based user interface for the operator.
The web interface is much more convenient to use over the Internet as no special software need to be installed in the PC and it can be reach from any Internet
connected PC around the world. For the moment the Remote control RC-1216H can be configured to control SteppIR antennas, the ACOM-2000A Power Amp,
Prositel Rotators, AlfaSpid Rotators, Green Heron controlled rotators and Rotators with DCU-1,ERC or Idiom Press based interfaces.