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LDG Z-11 PRO-II autom. ant. tuner

LDG  Z-11 PRO-II autom. ant. tuner
auto tuner 1,8-54 MHz, 125W

Cena s DPH 6 200,00 CZK

Cena bez DPH5 123,97 CZK

auto tuner 1,8-54 MHz, 125W na KV, 100W na 6m.
8000 pamětí, roysah přizpůsobení 6 až 1000 ohmů
koaxiální výstup, možnost připojení drátových nebo symetrických antén přes externí balun. (např. BL1/4 od Elecraft, Eco aj.)
doba ladění 0,1 až 6 sec, (v paměťovém režimu min. 0,1 sec)
Rozměry: 19,5 x 12,7 x 3,8 cm
napájení 8 až 16V/300mA během ladění


0.1 to 125 watt power range (SSB and CW), 100W on 6M
Easy to read LED display for SWR and status
8000 3-D memories for instantaneous band changing
Tuning time: 0.1 to 6 seconds full tune, 0.1 seconds memory tune
Selectable user parameters: Auto/Semi, threshold, and more
1.8 to 54.0 MHz coverage. Built-in frequency sensor
Tunes 6 to 1000 ? loads (16 to 150 on 6M), 6 to 4000 ? with optional 4:1 Balun
For Dipoles, Verticals, Vs, Beams or and Coax Fed Antenna
Optional external Balun allows tuning of random length, long wire or ladder line fed antennas
Optional interfaces for Icom, Alinco, Kenwood and Yaesu available
Power requirements: 8 to 16 volts DC at 300 mA Max. 25 uA standby current
User installable battery holder (not supplied)
Small Size Enclosure: 7.7" x 5.0" x 1.5". Weight: 1.5 pounds
The Z-11Pro-II uses LDG's state-of-the-art processor-controlled Switched-L tuning network. It will match dipoles, verticals, inverted-Vs or virtually any coax-fed antenna. With an optional LDG balun, it will also match longwires or antennas fed with ladder-line.

The Z-11Pro-II has 8,000 memories in LDG's exclusive "3-D Memory" array, automatically storing tuning configurations for each frequency and band as you use them, for each of four antennas on the single RF port. Frequency sensing circuitry lets the Z-11Pro-II "know" your operating band and frequency. Whenever you transmit on or near a frequency you've used before, the Z-11Pro-II retunes from memory almost instantly (even in SSB!). Memories are retained indefinitely.

Rugged and easy-to-read LEDs indicate SWR and status. The Z-11Pro-II uses latching relays which retain the tuned configuration even when powered down; current draw when not tuning is effectively zero.

For maximum flexability, the user has the choice of many battery options; internal or external. There are solder pads on the PC board for the user to install a battery pack (not included) that best suits their needs. You could use 6 AAs and get several years of operation. If weight is a factor (for back packing), then three Lithium AAs will last about a year. If you just need a few months, the Z-11Pro-II will operate fine off a single 9V battery.

Control from the front panel is simple and straightforward; just press Tune while transmitting, and the Z-11Pro-II will begin a tuning cycle. The Z-11Pro-II will even tune while you talk on AM or SSB. Although not required, optional interfaces are available for most Icom, Kenwood, Yaesu and Alinco transceivers. With the interface, a single button-press transmits a carrier, executes a tuning cycle and returns the radio to its original power and mode.