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TS-990S Vlajková loď Kenwood - nejnovější model transceiveru nejvyšší třídy

Cena s DPH 195 000,00 CZK

Cena bez DPH161 157,02 CZK

KV+50MHz 200W, IP3 40dBm, dva samostatné přijímače,
Roofing filtry 270Hz/500Hz/2.7kHz/6kHz/15kHz. 2 x TFT barevné displeje
3 x DSP Processors Vestavěný RTTY/FSK/PSK/QPSK Decoder/Encoder.
4 x SO-239 Anténní konektory plus RX-only ant
"Antenna Name" display function for the 4 SO-239 ports
Connectivity:- 10MHz Ref Clock I/O (BNC) External ATU port Keyboard In COM Port (Female 9-pin) Straight Key Paddle/external Keyer 2 x USB-A & 1 x USB-B ports "ACC-2" Data/audio connector "Remote" linear connector Analogue Meter Jack 3.5 mm "DRV" low-level LF drive Optical SP-DIF I/O 2 x external speaker sockets DVI-I Dual-link video port LAN port

Kontaktujte nás e-mailem nebo telefonicky ohledně cenové nabídky.

HF/50MHz Flagship Base Station
- 200 watts output from 50V FET Push-pull PA stage
- +40dBm Intercept Point RX
- Main RX - Down Conversion on all bands
270Hz/500Hz/2.7kHz/6kHz/15kHz Roofing Filters
- Sub RX - Down Conversion on 15/20/40/80/160M bands (as TS-590S RX)
500Hz/2.7kHz Roofing Filters
- 2 x TFT Colour Display screens
- 3 x DSP Processors
- Built-in RTTY/FSK/PSK31 Decoder/Encoder. QPSK update to follow
- 4 x SO-239 Antenna sockets plus RCA jacks for RX-only antenna input and external RX out. "Antenna Name" display function for the 4 SO-239 ports
- Connectivity:- 10MHz Ref Oscillator I/O (BNC), External ATU port, Keyboard In, COM Port (Female 9-pin), Straight Key, Paddle/external Keyer, 2 x USB-A & 1 x USB-B ports, "ACC-2" Data/audio connector, "Remote" linear connector, Analogue Meter Jack 3.5 mm, "DRV" low-level LF drive, Optical SPDIF I/O, 2 x external speaker sockets, DVI-I Dual-link video port, LAN port.

The TS-990S heralds a new era in HF technology from Kenwood. Designed from the ground up, this new design incorporates features that are unique to ham radio. The new front panel is designed to make operating logical and the magnificent colour screen provides comprehensive details.

The receiver has been designed using advanced techniques that have recently become available and promises to be one of the most advanced designs ever offered to the ham radio market.

The new transmitter boasts 5 - 200 Watts of output power, providing 3dB of gain over normal rigs. Comprehensive EQ makes sure that your signal is both clean & effective.

Built into this radio is a dynamic power supply that means no external unit is required. All in the box.