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ELECRAFT T1-K ant. mini auto-tuner kit

ELECRAFT T1-K ant. mini auto-tuner kit
miniaturní automatický anténní tuner

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miniaturní automatický anténní tuner ve formě stavebnice, detailní instrukce pro stavbu v podrobném angl. manuálu
Nový a velmi zdařilý automatický mini tuner s kapesními rozměry, váha jen 150g včetně 9V baterie. Frekv. rozsah 1,8-54MHz, výkon max. 20W. Vhodný pro libovolné transceivery. Ideální doplněk FT817, se kterým po propojení kabelem automaticky dolaďuje anténu podle naladěné frekvence.

World#s Smallest Stand-Alone ATU!
The Elecraft T1 is the only automatic antenna tuner that#s sized to match today#s small QRP rigs. It#s one-fourth the size of most other compact ATUs. And at just 5 ounces, the T1 is the ideal backpacking accessory.

Use with any Low-Power Transceiver
The T1 can be used with any 0.5-W to 20-W transceiver covering bands in the 160-6 m range. This includes kits, home-built rigs, and commercial transceivers such as the FT-817, IC703, Ten-Tec Argonaut, SG2020, etc.

Quick, Convenient, and Accurate
The T1#s 7-inductor, 7-capacitor L-network provides a wide matching range, and its re-tune time from memory is just 1 to 2 seconds. Equally important, the T1 always tries to achieve a 1.0:1 SWR#it doesn#t stop at 1.5:1 or 2.0:1 like some tuners. You won#t even need to change modes to tune. You can use SSB voice or a keyer as well as a constant carrier (AM, FM, CW, etc.).
FT-817 Remote-Control Option
For even greater convenience, we offer a "smart" remote control adapter for use with the Yaesu FT-817 . On any band change, the adapter's microcontroller sends band data to the T1, which quickly recalls the appropriate network settings. Imagine instant QSY without the need to transmit-less QRM, less hassle! (See drawing below.)

Factory-Assembled or Complete Kit
You can purchase the T1 assembled and tested, or as an easy-to-build kit. Our professionally written, fully illustrated assembly manual provides step-by-step instructions, and no alignment is required.