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Kompaktní PA 160-6m, 100W - pro KX3 - KIT

Cena s DPH 26 991,00 CZK

Cena bez DPH22 306,61 CZK

Tranzistorový 100W PA, 160-6m, pro KX3 nebo jiná QRP zařízení, automatické přepínání pásem, QSK (přepínání diodami) - KIT
bez vnitřního tuneru (Automatický tuner KXAT100 se objednává zvlášť)


100 W output on 160-6 m with 5 W input typical
13.8 VDC powered; 20 A typical current drain (11 V with lower output. 15 V max)
7 lbs with KXAT100 installed. 10 x 5.125 x 4.25"
Compact unit ideal for both desktop and mobile use
Solid-state diode T/R switching — fast, silent T/R and QSK
Large convection-cooled heat sink for reliable and quiet operation
Modern design with rugged MOSFET output stage
Internal wide-range automatic antenna tuner (KXAT100 ATU option)
Second antenna jack provided with KXAT100 ATU option; controlled by KX3's ANT switch
Fast, bright LED bar graphs for power and status; KXAT100 ATU option adds SWR bar graph
Seamless integration with the Elecraft KX3 transceiver
Works well with any low-power transceiver, requiring only RF and PA KEY inputs
RF-based frequency counter automatically switches bands with any rig
Optional band-data input support the K3/10, KX3, Yaesu FT-817, Icom IC-703, and other rigs
Dual APP power connectors for additional friction-fit if needed (mobile); optional daisy-chaining of 13.8 V to power rig
Optional KXPACBL adapter connects KX3 to the KXPA100 with a single cable for keying, band data, and control
KXPA100's PC port allows use of remote-control and logging applications with the KX3 without software configuration changes
KXAT100 internal ATU option matches 10:1 SWR (5:1 typical on 160 m and 6 m); uses Elecraft's fast matching algorithm
KXAT100 ATU settings saved per band, per band segment, and per antenna for instant recall