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DIAMOND WD-330J širokopásmová

DIAMOND WD-330J širokopásmová
T2FD Širokopásmová KV. anténa, 2-28,6MHz, 150W, L=25m

Cena s DPH 4 990,00 CZK

Cena bez DPH4 123,97 CZK

T2FD Drátová, širokopásmová KV. anténa, 2-28,6MHz, 150W, L=25m


Antenna with T2FD design: universal antennas for radio amateurs, shortwave listeners and commercial services. Very large bandwidth between 2 and 30MHz.
When installed straight these antennas have a directional pattern similiar to a dipole. Installed as inverted Vee a nearly omni directional pattern results. Includes balun, 50 ohm, connector PL, insulators, no cable.

WD-330J: Length 25m, 150W PEP, SWR 2-18 MHz: better than 2:1, 18-30 MHz: better than 3:1.