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DIAMOND BB-6W širokopásmová

DIAMOND BB-6W širokopásmová
Širokopásmová KV. anténa, 2-30MHz, 250W, L=6,3m

Cena s DPH 4 990,00 CZK

Cena bez DPH4 123,97 CZK

Širokopásmová KV. anténa, 2-30MHz, 250W, L=6,3m, SWR pod 2


HF wide-band antenna ideal for limited space gardens or apartment dwellers similar to the BB7V except that it has a horizontal wire section after the loading coil/balun instead of a vertical section. It is a non adjustable antenna and may require an ATU to get the SWR to less than 1.5:1.

* 2-30MHz (with antenna tuner)
* Length: 6.4m (21ft)
* Impedance 50 Ohm
* Connector: SO-239
* VSWR <2:1 (3-30MHz)
* Power: 250W (PEP)
* Nylon braided cord (5m)
* Self-melting plastic sealing tape (30cm)
* Weight 0.8kg (with antenna wire) c/w nylon braided cord and end insulators
* 50 Ohm feeder coax line and plugs not included

We have tested this antenna and found that an internal ATU will easily tune this on all bands. Although not specified, it also tunes up on 160m. Nowhere did the VSWR rise above 2:1 and of course an antenna presenting this low VSWR is easy to match with an internal ATU. Efficiency drops a lot on 160 metres, but nevertheless, it can be loaded and will radiate.

Measured VSWRs:
160m 1.5:1
80m 1.8:1
40m 1.2:1
20m 1.9:1
17m 1.5:1
15m 1.4:1
12m 1.1:1
10m 1.6:1