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AOR AR-5001D

AOR AR-5001D
špičkový stolní scanner 0,01 - 3000MHz, all mode, vylepšený model

Cena s DPH 99 990,00 CZK

Cena bez DPH82 636,36 CZK

profesionální stolní komunikační přijímač 0,04 - 3150MHz, all mode,


The New Professional Grade AR-5001D from AOR is now here, the successor to the legendary AR5000 receiver! The AR5001D super wide range receiver has been developed to meet the monitoring needs of security professionals and government agencies. Up to three channels can be monitored simultaneously. 2000 memories, digital signal processing, direct digital sampling, a high performance analog RF front-end, DDS local oscillator, built-in spectrum display, 45.05 MHz IF output, 1MHz I/Q output (option), APCO25 decoder (option), internal SD audio recorder and analog video output are just some of the many high-tech features available!