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CZK Košík


Dálkově řízený anténní přepínač 8poloh do 150MHz

Cena s DPH 6 458,00 CZK

Cena bez DPH5 337,19 CZK

Dálkově řízený anténní přepínač 8poloh do 150MHz s bleskojistkou,
vnější jednotka pro instalaci u antén, 1xpřívodní koax, 8x antény, konektory SO239 (PL),
vnitřní ovl. jednotka, nap. 220/240V.


Inexpensive and simple wiring: selects up to eight antennas using one four conductor telephone type control line
High Power Capability: The RCS-10 relay box will handle over 5 kW into matched loads below 30 MHz
Long Relay Life: UL/CSA/VDE approved sealed relays with 16 ampere switching current rating. Tested to withstand 1200V RMS.
Flexible Mounting: The RCS-10 hardware accepts mast sizes from 1 inch to 2 1/4 inches
Reliable Connectors: Teflon UHF-style SO-239 females, internal barrier strip for control lines
Low Voltage: Requires 10-15 Volts at less than 300 mA.
Wide Frequency Range: Covers DC to 100 MHz with low SWR, loss, and good isolation
Highly Weather Resistant: Sealed relays, stainless hardware, and U-V resistant cover
VSWR: Under 1.25:1 below 30 MHz. Under 1.3:1 below 60 MHz. Under 1.8:1 below 150 MHz
Impedance: 50 Ohms.
Power Requirements: The RCS-10 operates from a 12 VDC power source. 120 VAC adaptor included with RCS-10 and 230 VAC adaptor included with RCS-10X) .
Control Line: Uses any 4 conductor telephone-type cable (not supplied)
Easy-To-Read Antenna Indicators Eight wide-spaced LEDs indicate the selected antenna
Flexible Interface Accepts and outputs one-of-eight control signals, and outputs three-line BCD data
Switching Box: Approximately 5 Ľ" x 6 ?" x 3" and weighs just 3 lbs.
Control Unit: 6 Ľ" x 4 ?" x 3 Ľ"