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YAESU FT-3DE dual band digitální TCVR

YAESU FT-3DE dual band  digitální TCVR
C4FM/FDMA 144/430MHz Dual Band Digital Transceiver

Cena s DPH 11 080,00 CZK

Cena bez DPH9 157,02 CZK

Nový ruční dualband transceiver v sobě kombinuje klasický analogový FM transceiver,
širokopásmový přijímač 0,5 až 999 MHz, GPS a digitální transceiver VHF/UHF (2m/70cm).
černé provedení
podporuje FM a C4FM (digitální modulaci). Je vhodný pro radioamatérské použití na VHF (144MHz, 2 m) a UHF
(430MHz, 70 cm) a je dodáván s širokopásmovým přijímačem.
Velký a dobře čitelný displej.

Radiostanice umožňuje současný příjem na VHF a UHF (V / V, U / U, V / U) v FM nebo C4FM.
Širokopásmový přijímač má rozsah 504 kHz až 999MHz AM a FM.
FT-3DE má vestavěnou GPS anténu, která se používá pro APRS při 1200 nebo 9600 bps,
GPS záznamy lze ukládat na volitelnou micro-SD paměťovou kartu.

Max. výkon TX je 5W na 2m a 70cm, nastavitelný na 2,5 W, 1W nebo 300mW.

Balení obsahuje:
– Yaesu FT-3DE
– Li-ion akumulátor SBR-14LI (2200mAh)
- USB A kabel/Yaesu Data connector
– klips na opasek
– dual-band anténu
– nabíječku
– návod


With the FT-3DE Yaesu expands its range of radios supporting the digital 'System Fusion' world.

The FT-3DE is a true dual-band device for VHF (144 MHz) and UHF (430MHz) with two receivers. I.e. you can
receive two signals at the same time, also mixed digital/analog. The two radio bands can be combined at will
(V+V, U+U, V+U, U+V). In addition, the device is equipped with a broadband receiver from 500 kHz to 999 MHz
(band A) or 108 to 580 MHz (band B). So you can comfortably listen to the radio while waiting for a call on the local
repeater. The transmission power is max. 5 W, adjustable in 4 steps (0.3, 1, 2.5, 5 W).

As with all Yaesu C4FM 'System Fusion' radios, the FT-3DE can automatically distinguish between FM and C4FM
incoming transmissions, so you don't miss a call. The FT-3DE is also particularly flexible when used as a mobile C4FM
hotspot. With an optional cable set (SCU-39), the radio can be connected to a computer connected to the Internet.
A radio cell for C4FM can be set up at its location (hotspot function, operation as an access point). This is very
practical for fielddays or contests where several participants need access to the worldwide Wires-X network.
The nice thing about it is that the FT-3DE can still be used as a radio while providing hotspot functions.

The very clearly readable colour LCD with 320x240 pixels is particularly striking. The screen is a touch panel which
also serves as an input device. This reduces the number of traditional operating elements and simplifies handling.
Two knobs at the top allow quick frequency selection and volume adjustment. The FT-3DE is also equipped with
a GPS antenna and offers APRS functions. If desired, the device can also be used as a simple GPS tracker, i.e.
only for recording a covered hiking trail. With C4FM, the position data is transmitted parallel to the voice signal a
nd is used by the remote station to indicate direction and distance. This tactical display also works when receiving
a C4FM signal with GPS information. The received data can be stored on an optionally available SD memory card
in addition to the configuration of the device.

The built-in Bluetooth module is important for convenient, hands-free operation of the FT-3DE. With the optionally
available BT headset SSM-BT10, you can make your hiking experience more comfortable while keeping the radio
in your pocket or backpack. Vox operation is also possible, other compatible BT headsets can also be used.

TFT Colour Display 320x240 px
Touch Display
10 Control buttons, 2 knobs
Dual band function (V+V, U+U, V+U, U+V)
Automatic Mode Selection FM/C4FM
Snapshot Function (with MH-85A11U)
Colour Bandscope
Wideband receiver 0.5-999 MHz
Built-in GPS receiver
1200/9600bps APRS
Smart Navigation
1245 Memories
24 Memory banks
Up to 16 alpha.num. chars for memory names
Back-lit keys
Various scanner functions
Slot for optional Micro-SD memory
Waterprotection IPX5
GPS Data output
DC input

Packing contains:

Yaesu FT-3DE
Dual band antenna
SBR-14LI LiIon battery (2200mAh)
SAD-25 Charger
SBH-13 Belt Clip
PC cable USB A/Yaesu Data connector
Operating Manual