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NW DigitalRadio THUMBDV DV3000U

NW DigitalRadio THUMBDV DV3000U
USB stick pro D-Star

Cena s DPH 4 500,00 CZK

Cena bez DPH3 719,01 CZK

USB stick pro D-Star

ThumbDV přidává D-STAR DV funkcionalitu na váš počítač nebo laptop a
umožňuje provozovat D-STAR bez rádia.


AMBE+2 Vocoder with USB Interface

• DVSI AMBE3000 Chip
• USB 2.0 Low Power (<100mA)
• Windows, Linux, OS X
• UART Packet Interface
• 460.8 kbaud

D-STAR Applications:

• ircddbgateway
• Analog Bridge (DummyRepeater)
• dvtool file converter
• Bi-directional analog to AMBE
• WinDV
• UDRX Support for D-STAR DV
Check the website for availability

AMBE HW Vocoder For:

• DMR*
• dPMR*
• Yaesu Fusion
• P25 Phase 2
No SW Support for these protocols at this time

The ThumbDVTM adds D-STAR DV capability to
your computer or laptop. Allowing you to get on
the D-STAR network without a radio.

The FTDI USB to serial converter has preinstalled
driver support for Windows and Linux.
Mac OS X is available from FTDI.
The ThumbDVTM is sold as a tested unit with
applications software offered by others.
The ThumbDVTM provides a Packet UART
interface at 460.8 kbaud via the FTDI 230XS

Audio Data is sent as 16 bits pcm at 8kHz
sampling rate. The AMBE Vocoder returns a
3600 bps compressed stream with FEC
(Forward Error Correction) which is muxed with
1200 bps of ancillary digital data by the D-STAR
protocol to produce a 4800 bps D-STAR DV
stream. LEDs show Transmit and Receive