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LDG IT-100 autom. ant. tuner

LDG  IT-100 autom. ant. tuner
auto tuner 1,8-54 MHz, 125W

Cena s DPH 5 890,00 CZK

Cena bez DPH4 867,77 CZK

auto tuner 1,8-54 MHz, 125W CW/SSB, 30W PSK

IT-100 podporuje všechny Icom transceivery se 4-pinovým konektorem TUNER (např.. IC-706Mk2G, IC-718, IC-746, IC-7400, IC-756Pro3 atd.).
(příslušný kabel o délce 35cm je součástí balení).

rozsah přizpůsobení 4 až 800 ohmů, na 50 MHz rozsah 16 - 150 ohmů

koaxiální výstup, možnost připojení drátových nebo symetrických antén přes externí balun.
doba ladění 1 až 6 sec, průměr. 3 sec, (v paměťovém režimu min. 0,1 sec)
rozměry 17x17x4cm, hmotnost 750g.


The operation of the tuner is done very conveniently by the push button on the tuner, with the IT-100 alternatively by the "Tune" button on the radio.
A longer push starts a new tuning cycle, a short push switches to "bypass". With 2000 memories the tuners find once tuned frequencies very fast, for new
frequencies the tuning takes max. 6 seconds. The tuners match a SWR from 10:1 (3:1 on 6m) and therefore a much wider tuning range than many other tuners.
Two LEDs show the "SWR too high" error and the tuning process.

IT-100 is to the Tuner (Icom) socket of the radio, which also supplies the power.
This reduces the required cabling to an absolute minimum.

The IT-100 tuner supports all Icom radios with a 4-pin tuner socket (i.e. IC-706Mk2G, IC-718, IC-746, IC-7400, IC-756Pro3 etc.).
The size of the tuner is 17x17x4cm, the weight is 750g.

Technical Data
Frequency range 1.8 to 54.0 MHz
0,1 to 125 Watt (SSB und CW), 100 W on 6m
Tuning time between 0.1 and 6 seconds for new frequencies, ca. 0.1 sec when tuning from memory
Tuning range 4 to 800 ? (16 to 150 Ohm on 6m), 4 to 3200 ? with optional 4:1 balun
Tunes any kind of coax-fed antennas: Dipoles, Verticals, Beams etc.
Optional external balun enables you to tune random wires, long wires or twin ladder fed antennas
Control cable (35cm) included