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ELECRAFT K3S/100-F KV transceiver SLEVA!

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ELECRAFT K3S/100-F  KV transceiver SLEVA!
top-class KV all mode transceiver

Cena s DPH 89 990,00 CZK

Cena bez DPH74 371,90 CZK

top-class KV transceiver, NOVÝ MODEL 2015
továrně sestavený a oživený s modulem PA 100W

SPEC. SLEVA 9000 Kč!

s řadou vylepšení proti původnímu K3 , mj.:

- vylepšený vzhled předního panelu, displeje a ladicího knoflíku
- nový modul syntezátoru KSYN3A s ultra nízkým šumem, výjimečnými vlastnostmi zpracování silných signálů a
výjimečnou čistotou vysílaného signálu
- USB port na zadním panelu poskytující PC ovládání i přenos audio signálu bez nutnosti přídavných audio
kabelů nebo zvukové karty
- zabudovaný modul KXV3B
- druhý nízkošumový předzesilovač pro práci se slabými signály v pásmech 10 a 6m
- několikastupňové atenuátory v krocích -5/-10/-15 dB
- option KAT3A - auto tuner s nižším průchozím útlumem a relé pro true-bypass
- vylepšený obvod NF vedoucí ke zlepšení audio signálu při poslechu na reproduktor
- přesné QRQ klíčování i v režimu SPLIT
- pokrytí pásem pod 470 kHz

Verze 100W, druhy provozu SSB, CW, DATA, AM, FM, plus AM-sync receive, a vnitřní PSK31/TTY dekoder
rozměry 10 x 25 x 25 cm


- Desktop/portable size: 4"H x 10"W x 10"D (10 x 25 x 25 cm) -- optimized for both
home and travel use

- All modes (SSB, CW, DATA, AM, FM, plus AM-sync receive, and built-in PSK31/TTY decoder)

- High-dynamic range, down-conversion architecture, plus 32-bit I.F. DSP
for software-defined capabilities (and lots of room for future expansion)

- Optional subreceiver with *identical* performance to the main receiver,
including a fully independent front end, its own set of roofing filters,
its own DSP, and low-noise synthesizer; binaural or combined receiver audio

- Up to five crystal roofing filters *per receiver*, with bandwidths as narrow as 200 Hz

- Narrow ham-band filtering, plus optional general-coverage receive filters
(can be added to either or both receivers)

- Internal 100-W ATU option with two antenna jacks

- 100 W PA module includes two large fans, circuit breaker, full parameter monitoring

- All signal sources phase-locked to common 49.380 MHz reference oscillator;
1 PPM TCXO option, firmware-corrected to better than 0.5 PPM

- Built-in PSK31, RTTY, and CW decoding and display allows use of
digital modes with or *without* a computer; use CW keyer paddle or
attached computer for casual, two-way data QSOs

- Advanced noise reduction; auto- and manual notch. Noise blanker included (both
I.F. hardware pulse blanker and DSP noise blanking)

- Easy-to-use DSP shift/width and locut/hicut controls with automatic crystal filter
selection based on selected passband width (in real-time -- no filter calculation delays)

- Dedicated CW/voice message buttons; optional digital voice recorder

- 100 general frequency memories with alphanumeric text labeling, plus 4 scratchpad memories per band

- Full-custom, optimized, segmented LCD with two VFO displays, alphanumeric text, and
dedicated filter passband graphic

- Rich I/O set: stereo speaker outputs, fully isolated soundcard interface, dedicated RS-232
I/O (and optional USB adapter), receive antenna in/out jacks (for patching in RX filters, etc.),
and both front- and rear-panel mic and headphone jacks

- One-click PC firmware download program checks for updates automatically and quickly
updates microcontroller and DSP firmware

Elecraft’s state-of-the-art K3S transceiver offers a unique combination of ultra-high performance and affordability.

Both 100-watt and 10-watt (upgradeable) models are available. No-soldering kit; also available fully assembled and tested, the K3S is comparable in both features and performance to transceivers listing at up to six times its price.

In a first for the industry, the K3’s identical main receiver and subreceiver each feature a high-dynamic-range, down-conversion analog architecture. This allows Elecraft to provide roofing filters with bandwidths as narrow as 200 Hz, while up-conversion designs have roofing filters typically 3,000 to 15,000 Hz in width. Unlike some competing down-conversion designs, the K3 also provides 6-meter coverage, as well as continuous tuning from 0.5 to 30 MHz. Each receiver has its own bus-switching mixer, narrow ham-band front-end filters, 32-bit I.F. DSP, low-noise synthesizer, and up to five crystal roofing filters.

The K3S is the only deluxe transceiver that is targeted at both home and field use. Weighing just 8 pounds and having dimensions of 4” x 10” x 10” HWD (10 x 25 x 25 cm), it’s well-suited to demanding DXpedition or Field Day operations. Its receive-mode current drain of less than 1 amp greatly facilitates battery or solar-powered mobile/RV/marine installations. But unlike smaller portable transceivers, the K3’s user interface is optimized for ease of use, and its feature set rivals units many times its size and weight.

The transceiver is offered both factory-assembled and as a modular, no-soldering kit. Either way, K3 owners can start with a basic version of the transceiver, at lower cost, then easily add modules later, such as the internal subreceiver, ATU, and 100-W stage. To ensure identical performance of both pre-built units and modular kits, modules are 100% assembled and tested at the factory. Builders learn the radio theory behind each of the modules during assembly, and acquire skills that will enable them to easily add future modules or upgrades.

Two 32-bit digital signal processors provide true software-defined features, along with expansion memory to handle future signal processing tasks and operating modes. The operator will have full control over any operating situation, with 8-band receive and transmit EQ, stereo speaker/soundcard outputs, binaural effects, and advanced noise reduction. Also included is built-in PSK31, CW, and TTY decode/encode, so the operator can enjoy the excitement of data communications with or without a computer. The rig’s rich I/O complement includes an isolated sound card interface, front/rear mic/phone jacks, dedicated serial I/O, and band data. An optional module provides transverter in/out and RX antenna in/out jacks. The latter allow the use of RX-only, in-line filters for extreme operating environments.


Introducing the Elecraft K3S 160-6 m Transceiver:

Higher Performance, Many New Features

The Elecraft K3 set the standard for compact, high-performance
transceivers, proving to be ideal for DXpeditions, multi-transmitter
contesting, Field Day, and home stations alike. With the secondgeneration
K3S, we’ve raised the bar once again, upgrading nearly
every subsystem. Improvements include:

? Enhanced look and feel, with new LCD bezel, soft-touch VFO knob
? Ultra low-noise synthesizer for exceptional strong-signal receive
performance and transmit signal purity (KSYN3A)
? USB port—integrates remote control and line-level audio,
eliminating the need for a PC sound card and audio cables
? Second preamp for 12-6 m weak signal work (on included
KXV3B module)
? Multiple attenuators, providing steps of -5/-10/-15 dB
? Lower-Loss ATU option with true bypass relay (KAT3A)
? Redesigned AF output circuitry for outstanding speaker audio
? Accurate, high-speed CW transmit even in SPLIT mode
? Coverage of the 630-meter band (~470 kHz), and lower

Superhet / SDR Architecture
The K3S delivers the best of both worlds: a hybrid of softwaredefined
radio (SDR) technology and our proven, high-dynamic
range superhet receive architecture. The optional KRX3 highperformance,
fully independent sub receiver offers true diversity
operation to reduce fading. 32-bit DSP provides stereo effects, NR,
EQ, notch, and built-in PSK31/CW/RTTY decode/encode.

100-Watt or Upgradeable 10-Watt Model
Choose from two models: the K3S/100 or K3S/10. The K3S/10,
which can be easily upgraded to a K3S/100 at any time, offers the
same exciting features and performance at lower cost.

P3 Panadapter now with Transmit Monitoring
The P3’s bright, full-color LCD has both spectral and waterfall
displays, and new optional TX metering and signal envelope
monitoring. The P3 has a faster sweep rate and better sensitivity
than most built-in panadapters. Tap to QSY to any signal.

Companion 500-W Amplifier and Antenna Tuner
The K3S and P3 are members of our fully integrated K-Line.
Rounding out the K-Line are our KPA500 solid-state amplifier and
matching KAT500 ATU, both of which can be used with nearly
any transceiver. When used with the K3S, the amp and ATU track
the rig’s band and VFO, so you’ll be ready wherever DX appears.

Add 2 Meters with our K144XV Internal Option
Expand coverage to 144-148 MHz with the K144XV and operate
FM, SSB, CW and Data modes on 2 Meters.

Remote Operation via the K3/0-Mini Control Panel
If your Elecraft K-Line station is at a remote location, you can still
operate it from anywhere in the world using our K3/0-Mini control
panel. The Mini duplicates all K3S controls, providing a virtually
seamless operating experience over any Ethernet connection. By
logging into RemoteHams.com, you can even use the Mini to
access other K-Line stations. Many of these offer ideal DX
locations, and have high-performance, all-band antenna farms.

Factory Assembled or No-Soldering Kit
All modules are pre-assembled and 100% tested, ensuring identical
performance whether you purchase your K3S factory assembled or
build it yourself — saving money in the process. The easy-to-build
kit version does not require soldering.

Legendary Customer Support
Elecraft is committed to customer satisfaction (just ask our
customers). We offer full phone and email support, on-line manuals
and application notes, and an active user forum